"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers From Around the World"


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T.E.A.R.S - (TopCops Enforcement Agencies Reaching Survivors) 
"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."

This page contains a record of all the cards sent by the
T.E.A.R.S program after Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America

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Three sets of cards were designed...one for members of NYPD persons, FDNY persons and Civilian persons. If you would like a card sent to the family of any friend, co-worker or acquantance, please submit your request to T.E.A.R.S@TopCops.com




The images they haunt us
They drive peace from our mind
We think about those now lost
And those left yet to find

We think about the children orphaned
The spouses left alone.
We think of all the parents
Whose children won't come home.

We think of all the helpers
Who went blindly rushing in
Not knowing or not caring
As they entered the lions den.

We think of all our heroes
On the ground and in the air
We think of what brought us here
And how it isn’t fair

Our thoughts are with each one of these
all the days since the disaster
While the Islamic world fails to realize
Peace is all we were after

So while our thoughts are filled daily
With heartache, grief ,and pain
Those of us left must tell the world
They didn’t die in vain…

Poem by TopCops member, Lt. Chuck Stratton



Cards Sent to:

Family of Capt. Stackpole, killed in WTC attack- FDNY

Thomas Meyer, NYPD-retired lost 3 friends from NYPD

Family of Bill Tieste - employed in WTC

Cards sent to Commands & Family of:

PO James Leahy - 6th Pct

PO Robert Fazio - 13th Precinct

PO Moria Smith - 13th Precinct

PO John Perry - 40th Pct

PO Mark Ellis - Transit Dist. 4

PO Ramon Suarez - Transit Dist. 4

Sgt Timothy Roy - STED Bus Unit

PO Glenn Pettit - Video Unit Police Academy

Det Claude Richards - Bomb Squad

PO Brian McDonnell - ESU Truck 1

Sgt Michael Curtin - ESU Truck 2

Det Joseph Vigiano - ESU Truck 2

PO John Dallara - ESU Truck 2

PO Vincent Danz - ESU Truck 3

PO Jerome Dominguez - ESU Truck 3

PO Walter Weaver - ESU Truck 3

Sgt John Coughlin - ESU Truck 4

PO Stephen Driscoll - ESU Truck 4

PO Ronald Kloepfer - ESU Truck 7

PO Santos Valentin - ESU Truck 7

Sgt Rodney Gillis - ESU Truck 8

PO Thomas Langone - ESU Truck 10

PO Paul Talty - ESU Truck 10

Cards sent to FDNY engines & Family of:

















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"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."


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