"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers From Around the World"

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T.E.A.R.S - (TopCops Enforcement Agencies Reaching Survivors) 
"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."


 Please visit our Tribute page in honor of our own members with NYPD

WTC Tribute 2001

View Condolence Cards sent to families and friends of WTC attack - Sept. 11, 2001

View Condolence Cards sent to families and friends of Fallen Officers


The original idea for this project had been called TopCops Condolence Card Program.  However, the same concept is now being managed by myself for TopCops on the Internet.

Our card program is called T.E.A.R.S which is an acronym for  (TopCops Enforcement Agencies Reaching Survivors).  Our goal is to offer a consoling gesture to the families of Fallen Officers From Around the World.  We will continue to offer some small consolation to families of fallen officers, as we have in the past,  with our newly designed cards.

Any requests for cards can be sent via email to LawWoman@TopCops.com
Written correspondences can be sent to:
Deborah Gulley
TopCops on the Internet
Post Office Box 531
Flushing, New York 11367
Fax #718-969-1482

(List of Cards sent by T.E.A.R.S)

I are VERY excited to have the opportunity to face this new challenge.  I "endeavor to preserver" and  do an exemplary job bringing comfort to the families of Fallen Officers From Around the World.  I am confident that our T.E.A.R.S program will make every one of our members at TopCops on the Internet extremely proud!

Our services are available to any and all policing departments and agencies from around the world.  Also, families and friends of slain officers are welcome to utilize our services.   Each card will be customized as the occasion arises.  They will be mailed and Brenda or myself will keep a record of each card sent.   Any request for get-well cards will be considered, also.

Below is a sample of the card from which each request will be customized.  This is a funded by myself and Warwick Brown of NSW-Australia and TopCops-L. (program launch date 10/12/00)

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Consoling Families Card:


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