Richard Bowman, Police Officer

Patricia Bilsky, Officer

J.D Coarsey, Detective

Gary Gorman, retired Police Officer

Jerry Gaspard, Correction Officer

Dan Hancock, Detective

Paul Hower, Court Liaison Officer

Dan Hubbell, Parole Officer

Chris Karney, Police Officer

Volkmar Miehling. Police Sgt.

Mike Martin, Police Officer

Jerry Orton, Parole Officer

Darin Paul, FBI Agent

Mike Wegner, Deputy Ranger

Jim Sammons, Correction Officer

Frank Barker, Police Captain

Carl Cutler, Police Officer

Martha Decker, Sgt.

Nick Mileur, Ret'd Lt.

Jim Cullinan,"sixpoints"

Grant O'Neil

Glen Soldan, Police Officer

Bob Schure, Retired Missouri State Trooper/Retired USAF/OSI Agent

Norman Woollans

James B. Howlett

Marc Wolf, Sgt

Steve Otstot , Deputy

Geoffrey B.W.Little

John G. Byers III, Public Safety Officer

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Richard Bowman, police officer 22 Years DOD Administrative, Security and Think Tank, Still "Consulting". Own a Research company doing DOD/military projects and or LE.

  • 2 Years Investigator Congressional Post Audit Committee
  • 2 Years #2 officer in SWAT
  • 2 Years #2 officer in Training
  • Currently with the Police Department, duties include Communications -Technology- Computer Technology, FEMA First Responder.
  • 20 plus years in Federal, County, and Municipal Service and Law Enforcement in areas Administration, Tactical and Planning, and Research.


Patricia Bilsky - I've been a police officer for 18 years, having worked for a municipal police department, a sheriff's department, and now a university police department. I've been in the patrol division (my choice) for all of those 18 years. I am extensively trained in the investigation of sex crimes, child abuse and neglect, and occult crimes. I also teach these subjects, as well as several others, in our basic police academy. In my department I am also currently in charge of interviewing, hiring, training and scheduling of all student assistants. I implemented a chaplain program for the department, writing the policy and recruiting ministers for the positions. I am also responsible for the Line of Duty Death policy for our department. I am a trained Critical Incident First Responder for debriefing and counseling emergency services personnel involved in critical incidents.


J.D Coarsey - detective I started out in law enforcement while attending State University in 1977. I worked as a campus security officer and was commissioned thru the county sheriff's department. In 1979 I applied to the police department. I served as a Patrol officer there until end of 1980. I then worked for the Police Department from 1980 til 1984, servng the last three years as a Patrol Sergeant. I then returned to another police department and was assigned to criminal investigations Division. In 1986 I went to work for the County Sheriff's department as a Captain. I worked Narcotics and helped start the 17th Judicial Drug Task Force. Three months of this year was undercover. In 1987 I again returned to and was assigned to the 18TH Judicial Drug Task Force. I served as asst. director as then as k-9 handler until 1990 at which time I returned to C.I.D.

I now handle all missing children and adults, as well as working major felony cases. I helped form the Hendersonville Dive team. I have been chosen as Officer of the Year. I am a certified range instructor, Hostage Neg. numerous schools to long to list serve on Volunteer state College Board of Trustees, serve on Jason Foundation for teen suicide, member Masonic lodge York Rite, Scottish Rite 32 degree mason Shriner, Licensed Auctioneer, licensed Real Estate Broker


Gary Gorman, retired police officer - New York City Police Dept.

  • Patrol Officer- Foot Patrol/Post and Radio Motor Patrol (RMP) 23 Pct (East Harlem)
  • Patrol Officer- Foot Patrol/Post and Radio Motor Patrol (RMP) Tactical Patrol Force -TPF City Wide
  • Patrol Officer- Radio Emergency Patrol (REP) Emergency Service Unit (ESS#1) Manhattan South & City Wide


Jerry Gespard -

  • Los Angeles Valley College-Administration of Justice
  • Idaho Peace Officers Academy-Top 10% Idaho Combined Training Academy-Corrections, again, Top 10%
  • Corrections New Employee Academy Certificates: Journeyman Correctional Officer
  • BPSSST Intermediate Certificate, qualified Advanced Field Training Officer

  • Deputy Sheriff-County Jail (Acting Jail Supervisor)
  • Resident Deputy Sheriff-Public Relations, State Correctional Institution-Maximum Security
  • Member of the Tactical Team (CERT, SWAT, TERT) State Correctional Institution
  • Member of the DSU and supervisor of same.
  • Extra: Author: Crime Scene and Evidence Preservation
    (In a Correctional Setting)
    (Last Draft) Interview/ Interrogation Techniques
    (Correctional Setting)
  • Also: I have 11 years experience as a Navy Corpsman-Search & Rescue and as a Emergency Room nurse-Santa Monica Hospital Emergency.


Dan Hancock, detective - I have been a police officer with the S.V. PD for 14+ years.
Detective (General Crimes investigator. This covers anything except Narcotics. Additionally I conduct background investigations on applicants and Internal Affairs Investigations (makes me real popular amongst the troops). I am also the system administrator/founder of the department's first intelligence system and have been working for the last year building the database and creating the analysis protocols.

I worked as a patrol officer for 8 years, and specialized in DUI enforcement and 2 years as a "Uniformed Burglary Investigator" - a program I started with our department to cover burglaries that were "falling through the cracks" because they were too small for the detectives to handle.

I was the Police Explorer Post advisor for six years, until our current Chief of Police disbanded it. My "kids" competed each year in a competition for explorers throughout the state and always made me proud. I have almost a dozen trophies displayed in my office, which brings me a massive sense of pride each time I look at them.

I am a Defensive Tactics instructor and teach virtually all subjects below firearms (i.e. handcuffing, batons, knife defense, unarmed combat, pepper spray etc.) I have instructed all of the agencies in Cochise County Arizona at one time or another in these subjects. I hold a black belt in TaeKwonDo and have been studying in the U.S. and Korea since 1978.


Paul Hower, court liaison officer -I am currently assigned as the Court Liaison Officer for the Police Department. Our office is currently assigned to the Support services section of our Department. I have been with the Police Department for approximately 15 years. I have worked traffic-accident investigation, report car and my current assignment. I am also on our Technology/Systems committee (TASC) and our Awards and Commendations committee. I am responsible supplementally for the upkeep and maintenance of our in-house server which handles all of our data processing needs.

In my primary position I am responsibly for the operation/supervision of our Court Liaison office. The office is responsible for processing criminal cases on adults in both misdemeanors and felonies, obtaining warrants, processing subpoenas and various other prosecution related tasks.


Dan Hubbell - parole officer Dan E. Hubbell (a.k.a.: shadowman), I am 48 year old State Parole Officer working for the Department of Corrections in the 5 County, Supervision Unit out of the 5 County Supervision Unit. The 5 County Supervision Unit supervises state parolees and interstate compact probationers/parolees in the 5 County Supervision Area. All state parole officers in the State of Kansas are commissioned state level Law Enforcement Officers through the Department of Corrections. I was a Police Officer, Traffic Officer and then a Police Detective for a Police Department for a total of 18 1/2 years, with the last 11 of those years as a police detective in the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). My prior Law Enforcement experience has helped me quite a bit in seeing through all the lies that parolees tell. I was in the United States Army for 3 years and in 1969-70 was with the Airborne Division.


Christopher H. Karney Age 39 married for 11 years, No Children. Wife - Surgical Tech/O. R. Nurse. We have 2 dogs, Aslan--6 yr old female Boxer and Smedley Butler an 18-month-old male English Bulldog. Univ.--BA U.S. History 1994, US Marine Corps, 1977-1981, Aviation Operations Police Officer Grade D-1, Field Training Officer, to the Traffic Division, and a Subpoena & Extradition Officer. Contributor to POLICE magazine on a on going basis and Fraternal Order of Police Unit Representative, 1994-present


Volkmar Miehling - German Police Force since 1981. After doing 3 years at a special police academy, finished 1984 with the rank of a Polizeikommissar. Right after finishing this school I was working for a stand by unit as a"Zugfuehrer" for 1 year and then went to Augsburg to work there for the 2nd Police Station as a leader of a patrol shift. My actual rank is now Polizeihauptkommissar and I'm still leader of a patrol shift being on the street since 1985.


Mike Martin - police officer

  • April 1973 - Chief of Police - also head janitor, ect. - one man dept.
  • May 1973 - Patrolman, Police Dept.
  • May 1977 - Communications Operator, State Patrol and April 1984 - Patrolman Police Dept.


Jerry Orton - in law enforcement as a campus police officer in 1973, chief of security at a major regional hospital for 2 years. Medically retired from the military after 13 years in Military Intelligence, Senior Parole/Probation Officer in Alaska for several years worked in Nevada as a Senior Parole/Probation Officer for a year and now I am currently employed as a Senior Parole Officer.


Darin Paul -

  • 5 years experience as a Pre Trial Services Specialist
  • 1 year experience as a Reserve Police Officer
  • 2 years experience as an Adult Felony Probation Officer
  • 2 years experience as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice.


Mike Wegner - Police Department in 82, Military Department, Office of The Adjutant General, concurrently as a Reserve Forces Park Ranger at Bicentennial Park Equestrian Center - 1990 Park Ranger I, 1990 Park Ranger II, 1992 Park Ranger III (corporal/asst Station Commander Training Officer)


Jim Sammons - I am a corrections officer in a county facility, also work extensively with kids in my "spare" time.... I work for a social service agency (Lutheran social services) part time in an alternative to suspension school program.... These kids are referred by the JPO's to the program... secondly in Boy Scouts, I am a grad of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in '82... spent 8 years on the road in a couple of towns... back to le 3 years ago in the county jail as an officer.


Frank Barker, Police Captain - 34.5 years as a policeofficer (yes that was before Miranda). I have been a Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and Captain again. I have worked patrol and investigations at all ranks, Internal Affairs both as an investigator and supervisor, Intelligence as a supervisor and been in charge of General Services, Fleet management and Communications.

I'm now working at one of our patrol stations.


Carl Cutler - Police Officer, New Zealand -

I have served with the New Zealand Police for three years. Currently assigned to a general duties section. I work in a small rural community pop. about 5000. I have previously worked in Auckland City on General Duties and on a Strategic Traffic Unit. I am qualified as a level two crash analyst.

Previously served 6 years in the New Zealand Army, 3 years as a Military Policeman.


Martha Decker - Sgt., Tool PD -

I became a reserve patrol officer for Seven Points, Texas in 1985 and learned about law enforcement. Then I became an unpaid regular/reserve officer for Tool PD in 1993. At the time I was a professional award winning journalist and photographer. Articles and photographs have appeared in numerous national magazines and newspapers. I still work as a freelance journalist and photographer.

In 1994 I completed the basic police officers training, although I had all that was needed as an unpaid regular. I decided it was time to put my knowledge and experience to use in law enforcement full-time

I have an Intermediate Peace officers TCLEOSE commission and will have the Advanced Commission in about a year. I am a certified O/C Spray Instructor, Field Training Officer and was promoted to Sergeant about three years ago.

I spent three months about 18 months ago as Acting Chief. The police department is small and being the sergeant entails such duties and second in command and being responsible for the department and city when the chief is unavailable. When we had a warrant division, I was responsible for it.

Our most successful feat was when I conducted a sting involving a prize patrol arriving at the homes of several people with warrants who thought they had received the grand prize in a contest. It was 100 percent successful.

I patrol on the third watch, but previously handled the warrants and investigations. The current council decided myself and the chief would be put on patrol in addition to our other duties. So, in addition to working any cases that come in on my watch, I also investigate felony cases from the other officers.

I am also the only certified hostage negotiator in the county. I attended Texas A&M University for the school and was taught by Dr. Walt Stenning.

I also handle all Crimes Against Children. I work with other agencies to monitor assorted extremist/antiterrorist activities and have had first hand experience arresting and working up cases against some of these people.

I have attended many, many schools. Too many to list, but some of them include, crimes against children, sexual crimes, criminal interdiction, auto theft, arson, incident command, wildfire beginner-advanced training, patroit/extremist training and management/supervisor training. I am also the training coordinator.

I spent many years as a volunteer fire fighter and was the training director and responsible for the search and rescue dive team. I was a fire fighter and diver for the department until I became too busy with the police department.

I participate in a criminal justice program geared toward at-risk children ages 10-17. Several times a year I take a group of these children to a state prison where we spend the day in a program called Operation Outreach. Then I try to keep up with the participants through the years and am available if they need someone to talk to. There are many other things I do or schools I've attended, but they are too numerous to list.


Nick Mileur - Ret'd Lt. California, IPA,REMnet Co-ordinator

  • dob 7-22-38
  • married: Judy Lois (Lay) , Sept '59 - two children /
    • Claudinne (32) Criminal Analyst - Calif. Dept. of Justice, Sacramento
    • Nikki (28) Calif.Division of Forestry - Engineer

  • Started police Service in Mar. of '70 - Placer County S/O - Auburn,CA
  • Worked in all divisions, served as Rangemaster/armourer - mid '70's
  • Retired as Patrol LT (service related disability) late 80's
  • Co-founded Placer Deputy Sheriff's Association '74
  • Co-founded Region 29 of the Int. Pol. Assn. Sept '87
  • Currently serve on volunteer basis as assistant editor / IPA/USA Newsletter
  • Currently serve as US Section's Email cooordinator
  • Avid supporter/member of TopCops International.

Hobbies - The internet & IPA travel/hosting


Jim Cullinan - "sixpoints" - e-mail:

Retired Jail Administrator (Operated a Male/Female Adult Jail (sentenced and Pre-trial). The jail was under a federal court decree when I was hired and prior to my retirement I had worked the city out from under the order.

I've worked as Deputy Sheriff on the Road Patrol and as a Police Officer on the street. I've been a dispatcher (still handle that task as needed).
Former SGT. with the sheriff's department.

  • Graduate of the Georgia Police Academy, attended the Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections for three years (course work in jail operations, security, etc.)
  • Hold a Masters in Political Science, also a State of Georgia Certified Public Manager.
  • Currently work as a non-paid reserve Public Safety Officer (Police, Fire, Rescue).
  • Additionally have worked in the Community Mental Health Center of East Central Georgia (Primary Prevention Section) working with at-risk youth and adults with alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems.
  • Also teach Life Skill Classes K-12.
  • Some of my work involves data collection and evaluation of programs and services delivered.

Jim "sixpoints", G.D.P.S., Georgia
Member: I.P.A. Region 46- R-32960
Member: TopCops, Badges, offduty, Donut Shop
Stay safe, work safe (wear your vest) and remember to watch your "6".


Grant O'Neil -

Joined the W.A. Police Service in July 1997. After completing 25 weeks training at the W.A. Police Academy, I have worked in a variety of positions in the Perth area, covering Traffic and General Duties tasks.

Aside from Academy training, I have also completed training in using the Kustom Falcon Radar and LTI 20/20 speed detection equipment, traffic theory training in W.A. traffic law, and Police Bicycle Patrolling.

Prior to joining W.A. Police Service:

10 years Australian Army Reserve - Bandsman in 5th Military District Band; Radio Operator in 109 Signal Squadron; Rifleman in 11th/28th Battalion, Royal Western Australia Regiment; Officer Cadet in Western Australia University Regiment.

10 years employment in Western Australian State Public Service (mostly clerical positions, but 4 years working as computer programmer)

2 year mission in New Zealand for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (so I'm used to abuse from the people I meet! Good training for a copper...)

Tertiary Studies: Completed Bachelor of Business (Information Processing) degree at Curtin University of Technology. Half-way through a post-graduate diploma in the same field.

I have also been involved in Scouting for 26 years since I was a cub scout, and have completed Advanced Leader Training (Woodbadge). Married, 35 years of age and a father with 8 children. So I am well qualified to speak on situations involving juveniles. I may not have the answers, but I sure can sympathise...


Glen Soldan -


Bob Schure - Retired Missouri State Trooper/Retired USAF/OSI Agent


Norman Woollans - United Kingdom -


James B. Howlett - jbh@WORKMAIL.COM
Mr. Howlett retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1993. He joined the FBI in 1985 as the Senior Crime Analyst for the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, responsible for the tracking, profiling, identification and apprehension of violent criminals. He has lectured throughout the United States and Europe on the topics of crime analysis, psychological profiling, and computer applications in the investigation and analysis of violent crime. He was assigned to the Behavioral Science Unit, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia.

Mr. Howlett was employed by the Charlotte, North Carolina, Police Department from 1979 through 1985 where he established and commanded the Analysis and Information Division which included that department's Crime Analysis, Public Information, Crime Prevention, and Records Bureaus. Mr. Howlett was one of the first law enforcement officials in the United States to introduce the concept of crime analysis into local law enforcement. He administered a budget well in excess of $2,000,000 annually.

In 1982, Mr. Howlett, while still employed by the Charlotte Police Department, was appointed to a Federal Task Force studying violent crime by President Ronald Reagan. The Task Force completed its work in 1984, and its recommendations were accepted and adopted by the White House and resulted in the creation of the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime and , also, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, under the Office of Crime Control and Justice Programs, U. S. Department of Justice.

In 1975, Mr. Howlett joined Anacapa Sciences, a private consulting firm in Santa Barbara, California, as that firm's Senior Scientist. There, he developed and conducted criminal intelligence and investigative analysis techniques and training for federal , state, and local agencies.

From 1971 through 1975, Mr. Howlett was a member of the Lakewood, Colorado, Department of Public Safety. He was assigned to the Intelligence Division of that department, and conducted numerous criminal investigations including homicide and other violent crimes, narcotics, and terrorism. Mr. Howlett developed and introduced several new concepts relating to crime and intelligence analysis into that agency which were later adopted by other law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Howlett served as a Deputy United States Marshal in the District of Columbia during 1991 prior to joining the Lakewood Department of Public Safety.

From 1968 until 1971, Mr. Howlett served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army, Military Police Corps, rising to the rank of Captain. He completed one tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam where he was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medals.

He attended The Pennsylvania State University earning a B.S. degree in accounting in 1967. In 1978, he was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from Pepperdine University. Mr. Howlett has also completed post-graduate work in abnormal psychology and has received over 1000 hours of formal training in the behavioral sciences and psychological profiling from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Marc Wolf - Sgt. L.A. Sheriff's Dept. -

Covert Electronic Surveillance - For almost five years, I supervised a six man team of Deputies that did covert electronic surveillance, wire taps, electronic tracking, video and audio eavesdropping/stings, etc and assorted undercover technically oriented black bag jobs. What I do not know in this field (quite a bit actually), I can always refer other cops to the right places to get more info.

Police Aviation - currently assigned as a Pilot/Watch Commander for one of the country's largest police aviation units; I fly helicopters (patrol) and fixed wing (surveillance and transportation flights), and although I've only been with this unit for a bit less than two years (helo pilot for only two years too), I've been a fixed wing pilot for 30 years.

Gun Stuff - been a firearms instructor for 15 years

In my 22 years with LASD I've also worked quite a bit of uniformed patrol as both a Deputy and a Sergeant; was a narcotics detective, but just for one year (including undercover); and small amount of time as a custody Deputy and Sergeant scatterred through my career. Before joining the LASD I was a Campus cop for a year, and I was even an Auxiliary Police Officer (Reserve) in my small hometown while in College. So I guess I can see things from a variety of perspectives.


Glen Soldan - Salina Police - Salina, Kansas 67401 -
I joined the Salina police Department in 1978 at the age of 23. I quit in 1979 and came back in 1986. I worked 30 days upon my return and was shot four times in the line of duty. I have been to several critical incident and post critical incident classes, including the excellent course put on by the FBI. I am the departments firearms armoror and a range master as well as firearms instructor. I spent eight years as the primary training officer for the Salina Police Department. I am currently serving in the traffic unit.


Steve Otstot - Deputy Pa. -



Geoffrey Bernard William Little `The Smiling Policeman' is a serving member of the New South Wales Police Service stationed at Harbouside Local Area Command, North Sydney, Australia, situated on the northern shores of Sydney Harbour.

He has attended Sydney University Law School and the Lindfield Campus of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) to study aspects of Criminology (Causation of Crime and Treatment of Offenders) and Communication Management, and has completed a number of Internal Police courses.

Geoffrey Little joined the New South Wales Police Cadet Corps in 1962, where he learned shorthand (Pitmans) and typing skills, as well as being afforded a rigourous education in Criminal Law and Police Management, a matter of "Pass your shorthand and quarterly law exams or out the door!"

After a successful career in the Police Cadet Corps (ending in a then envied uniformed position with the Police Gazette) Cadet/Trainee Little was sworn in as a Probationary Constable on his birthday in June, 1965, where he commenced his Police career on General Duties, Traffic and as a Divisional Cyclist in the City of Sydney.

During this time he also served at the Police Academy as a Cadet Instructor and further assisted within the then Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) as an Administrative Aide to the then Reception Officer of the CIB.

He has trained and performed duties within the Recruiting Section of the Police Service, Local Courts of New South Wales (as a Police Prosecutor - like the DA) and performed a number of other specialised functions within the `Criminal Correspondence Unit' and as an advisor to the personnel of the New South Wales Police Service within the then newly introduced support service, the Computerised Operational Policing (COPS) Unit situated at Police Headquarters.

He currently serves as an Incremental (Staff) Sergeant/Supervisor in Harbourside Local Area Command, and up until recently was performing duties in his field of specialisation as a Community Policing Supervisor, where he oversighted and monitored the Local Area Command (LAC) Bicycle Unit, Schools Liaison Officer, Domestic Violence/Gay Liaison Officer, Community Safety Officer, Volunteers in Policing and Local Area Command Schools Work Experience programme, with further specialisations in Operational Command, Local Emergency Management and Juvenile Conferencing (through the `Real Justice' network) coupled with his Schools Liaison and Community Based Policing activities.

He has also served as Deputy Chairperson and Secretariat for the LAC Customer Council (Parish Council - Citizen's Advisory Board), acted as special Police Advisor to a Citizen's Academy Programme, organiser of the LAC's Annual Police Open Day, and coordinator of a number of other Community Based Policing programmes.

He has been a prolific writer and has contributed numerous press releases to the public media, other publications and Police magazines. He has written and had published a series of articles titled `The Adventures of the Smiling Policeman' which which appeared in the Australian IPA's `Police Down Under' magazine, and was also featured on the cover of one edition of `Police Down Under' (not to mention front page in the Metropolitan Police Journal `On the Job') directing traffic in Red Square in Moscow.

He was also commissioned by the New South Wales Board of Studies to progress the `Smiling Policeman's Special Schools Project' which was created as an internationally inspired pictorial publication teaching children and young people about the workings of the Police Service generally around the world.

Sergeant Little has long been `blessed' with the very public persona of the `Smiling Policeman'. He has received much comment over the years and has been officially credited as having contributed greatly to the favourable public perception of the New South Wales Police Service.

Over the years he has travelled widely around the world as a successful publicist and `Community Policing Consultant' on behalf of local Police and Law Enforcement (Rotary based and vocationally driven) exporting his very unique persona, and programmes to schools and other forums, in the successful promotion and marketing to Law Enforcement, private and public institutions, in the reinforcement of the concept of `Police and Community Working Together'.

Each year in concert with local Police and Law Enforcement Agencies, he hosts Police and Law Enforcement static displays at annual World Rotary Conventions held in various countries, most recenly in Singapore, and in preceeding years, Indianapolis, Glasgow, Calgary and Nice.

In recognition of his successes in his field of Community Based Policing, the Smiling Policeman occupies four honorary memberships in Police Establishments in Scotland, the Philippines (Office of the Presidential Consultant on Police Affairs) and the United States of America.

He is the Founding International Chairman of the Police/Law Enforcement Professionals Fellowship of Rotarians, and in concert with his longstanding involvement with the United Nations Association of Australia (and as a former `Ambassador of Goodwill for the International Year of the Child in 1979) was the first Special Emissary (leading to his current position as a `Special Ambassador') and is now Dean of the Ambassadorial Chair of the `Rotary District Peace Communities Project' of which nearly thirty declared Rotary facilitated `Peace Cities' now exist around the world.

The Smiling Policeman is a former Captain in the Australian Army Cadet Corps, and whilst attached to 2 Military District at Paddington Barracks in Sydney, was responsible for reorganising the `Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme' (similar to Eagle Scouts and Police Explorers medal programmes) to make it more suitable for participation by Cadets of all ranks within the Corps.

The Smiling Policeman is a longstanding member of the Australian Section (New South Wales Region) of the International Police Association (IPA) and is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Sheriff's Association. He is also a member of the Variety Club of Australia.

A lifelong jogger, the Smiling Policeman has run from Nepel into India down the Raj Pass, three times from Jericho to Jerusalem in Israel (the only person to do so in recorded history) and from Brighton to London in the United Kingdom. He created the Cebu Marathon in the Philippines in the early nineties, and regularly participates in the `Sydney Morning Herald's' Annual Half Marathon and the `Sun Herald's City to Surf, his best time for fourteen kilometres being fifty five minutes.

The Smiling Policeman's credo `persistent consistency and consistent persistency' (with a strong attachment to the notion that the `police are the people and the people are the police') has been a hallmark of his professional approach to his job and his philosophy of life, the legacy of a personally gratifying and a very successful vocation within Police and Law Enforcement.


John G. Byers III - Public Safety Officer Bristol TN PD -

ICQ 4013568

My name is John Byers, and I have worked for the Bristol Tennessee Police Department for just over three years. I graduated from King College with a B.A. in Political Science and History. My initial intentions were to go to law school. However, my intentions changed when I did a ride along program with BTPD during my senior year of college.

I am a Public Safety Officer, which means I am a patrol officer, EMT, and firefighter. I also have done part time work with CID, mainly in juvenile abuse/neglect situations.

I am married to my best friend, Rebecca. We have one child, which is a mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and an English Setter, named Mojo.


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