TopCops on the Internet Team:

Listed below are members of our online staff and management team:
Where it all began! #TopCops channel

(live chat forum on the undernet servers of MIRC)
Channel owner, Deborah Gulley ( - former senior parole officer/ parole prosecutor - New York 

Channel Manager, Steve Otstot ( ) - deputy, Pa.

Asst. Channel Managers: 
Van aka "Fop1" ( officer, Chicago
Hans aka "Warden" ( Warden, Holland
Nancy aka "Alibi" ( ex-Military police


TopCops-L Membership Screeners:


TopCops News Magazine:

Founder/Owner/Editor, Deborah Gulley (
Publisher/Co-Editor/Manager, Mike Wood (, Detective, ret'd, Canada

TopCops-L (Restricted Email Discussion list):

List owner, Deborah Gulley (
Moderator and Manager, Mike Wood (

Ambassador of Good Will:

Lt. Bill Wilson ( Georgia

TopCops Prosecutors Online:

Paul M. Heffler ( Asst. D. A.
Cecelia Harris ( Senior Prosecutor

TopCops Police Chaplain:

Ray Payne (


TopCops-L Webmaster:

Denny Coarsey ( Det'v, TN

TopCops-L WebMistress:

NiteOwl^ (

TopCops Logo


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This Website is dedicated to the Topcops from around the world. #Topcops Website is not now nor has it ever been associated with the TV series "TOPCOPS". 

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