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TopCops from Around the World - How did it all begin?

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My name is Deborah. I have worked in the field of law enforcement since 1985. I served as a New York State Parole officer for 7 1/2 years and as a Senior Parole Officer for almost 2 years. I am still a peace officer assigned as prosecutor for the division. I am the founder of TopCops on the Internet.

TopCops began as a chat forum on the Internet. One night while sitting at my computer waiting from some familiar "nic" to appear online, I thought to myself, "We [law enforcement officers] need a special place of our own to chat." This was August 5, 1995, at approximately 8:00pm. Obviously, this date was destined to be of great significance to me as I remember it now as if it happened yesterday.

The #TopCops Channel is a group of law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals from all over the world. Even though the channel originated as an open channel on efnet, it has been established as a private, secured channel on undernet and dalnet servers. A few long-standing regular members continue to maintain the channel. Wodsman manages the channel and Fop, Warden and Alibi assist him in these efforts.

Evolving from the channel has been TopCops International Newsmagazine. Our magazine began as a weekly email, distributed to a few chat friends, but has evolved into an internationally acclaimed law enforcement publication with approximately 2000 readers monthly, and from all corners of the globe. The newsmagazine is published by myself as often as time allows.

 We collect volumes of information from around the world from members of our email discussion list, friends online, readers, newspapers and from the World Wide Web. I put the articles together. The newsmagazine is designed and published in .pdf format, which requires a current version of Acrobat Reader in order to view. The Acrobat Reader is free and available at or

 Each month, our current issue (along with archived issues) of the newsmagazine is loaded onto the TopCops Web Site for downloading at our readers convenience. The TopCops International NewsMagazine can be found on the World Wide Web at /news/newssub.htm. Our newsmagazine motto is "TopCops Newsmagazine, a global experience". Anyone interested in submitting articles for publication consideration in the TopCops International Newsmagazine can email  and include a brief summary of the article. Because we are a nonprofit organization, we do not pay for any submissions nor do we make any claims to ownership of any material submitted.

Aside from the newsmagazine, our Web Site has evolved into an internationally acclaimed law enforcement web site located on the web as Our site has been featured in many law enforcement publications and resource books and journals. Lt. Ken Kramerman (a.k.a. Lt617) was our first dedicated and tireless webmaster, as well as a long-time channel member. He began serving as a member of our board of directors early in TopCops' history. Our most recent webmistress had been Therese (Tee) Wilson, better known online as NiteOwl^.  She has brought TopCops to it's current web design.  Finally, TopCops webpage is being maintained and managed by it's owner,  Deborah Gulley.

When the live chat phenomenon fizzled out, we developed TopCops-L and Friends2TopCops-L. TopCops-L is restricted email discussion list developed from a small group of original TopCops channel members. Freinds2TopCops-L is open to any interested party but several members of our restricted list participate on the civilian list. More information on joining the list can be found at /news/topcopsl.htm.

Some of our long time, dedicated TopCops supporters (from the original channel all the way to our current Listserv) are Volkmar and Kolle (our German police officers), Alibi, Fop, Wodsman, Warden, Trugoo, Deputy901, Xnarc and myself. I am the list owner and Gary Gorman is co-partner in the role of management and operation of the list. The list is restricted to all members of law enforcement, active and retired.

Our email discussion membership is NOT cops only, as we believe all parts work together when all parts understand the function of the other.  For this reason, our membership includes prosecutors, dispatchers, court officers, corrections officers, probation officers, DEA agents, FBI agents, military police officers and agents, and local, county, parish, and state officers of every rank and file.  As long as the person is active in a law enforcement related position, they are eligible for membership on TopCops-L Listserv.

The TopCops-L application can be found at TCapplic.pdf. All interested persons must be willing to submit proof of peace officer status (typically a copy of official ID) upon request for membership. Copies of IDs can be sent via email by sending a scanned image to or to anyone of our List Screeners around the world. Your nearest List Screener can be located at listscrn.htm.  Also, the information can be faxed to 718-380-6343.

 TopCops-L was established on January 27, 1998 when a Listserv company known as donated the list. Over a period of one year, TopCops-L has developed into a forum of friendship, comradeship and informational exchange. List members Gary Gorman and Al Sheppard, retired members of NYPD, brainchild and sponsor our most prestigious project to date, TopCops Condolence Card Program.

This same concept has been launched under the name of T.E.A.R.S - (TopCops Enforcement Agencies Reaching Survivors)  "Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."  Our goal is to offer a consoling gesture to the families of Fallen Officers From Around the World.  We will continue to offer some small consolation to families of fallen officers, as we have in the past,  with our newly designed cards.

TopCops on the Internet has been fortunate enough to find favor with Nick Mileur of the International Police Association and he has been one of our staunchest and grandest supporters. Nick does a feature item in the IPA International Reporter and he has done two feature articles about TopCops in the past year. You may seek membership in the IPA and get more information at

 Since it's inception on August 5, 1995, TopCops on the Internet has become a major presence, influence and law enforcement resource on the Internet. This is exclusively thanks to all our friends, supporters and members who are devoted to the goal of creating a positive image of the Law Enforcement Community on a global scale.

 TopCops, Home of TopCops from Around the World.

Deborah Gulley



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