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In order to join TopCops-L (a restricted email discussion forum) applicants must be willing to submit proof of employment or  retirement as a sworn member of  a policing agency.

For the convenience of our prospective members, we have established a network of list membership screeners in different areas of the world. The screeners will be responsible for ensuring prospective members meet our membership criteria.

We hope this added service  will make the membership process much easier for prospective applicants.  You may contact a list membership screener in your area for membership approval to TopCops-L, our RESTRICTED email discussion list.

If a screener is NOT located in your area, please submit your request for membership to lawwoman@topcops.com or send an email to listserv@home.ease.lsoft.com (type "Subscribe Topcops-L" in the body of the email).  OR
Mail to:     Deborah Gulley
                  TopCOPS on the Internet
                   Post Office Box 531
                   Flushing, N.Y. 11367
or Fax #:    (718) 969-1482

Below is a list of current membership screeners. Please feel free to contact them and request a membership to TopCops-L. These screeners will be able to approve your membership after verifying your peace officer status/employment status. All list screeners are members of TopCops-L in good standing and are dedicated to the honor and integrity of TopCops on the Internet.

Please view the "Rules of List Etiquette" before submitting your application.

Feel free to contact lawwoman at lawwoman@topcops.com if you have any questions or problems.



Warwick Brown, Sydney, New South Wales - WJBrown@topcops.com
Doug Nicholson, Northern Territory, OZ - dnicholson@bigpond.com
Ryk Traeger, Adelaide, South Australia - mykennel@birdham.net
Grant O'Neil Australia - g.oneil@topcops.com



John Peterson, Ottawa, Ontario Canada - mycroft@sprint.ca
Stan Moritz, Victoria, B.C Canada - irguard@topcops.com
Mike Wood, Saskatchawan, Canada - mgwood@sk.sympatico.ca



Norman Woollons, England - N.Woollons@topcops.com
Keith Hughes, England - keith.hughes@TopCops.com



Volkmar Miehling, Germany - Volkmar.Miehling@t-online.de OR Volkmar@volkmar-miehling.de
U. Arnheiter, Germany - arnheiter@gmx.de



Stuart McAllister, Scotland - stuart.mcallister@ntlworld.com


United States

Steve Livingston, State of Ohio - s.livingston@topcops.com
Michael Passig, State of Minnesota, North & South Dakota - depmike@qwest.net
Craig Faulstich, Hayward, Wisconsin - c.faulstich@topcops.com
Michael Kelley Citywide, NYPD - FOP028@AOL.COM
Rick Monticello, Entire state of New Jersey - RNCMONTI@AOL.COM
Cheri Lewis, Entire California area - vibrant1@earthlink.net
Jim Hilton, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and surrounding area - captjim@tcainternet.com
Chris Karney, State of IL, NW Indiana, SE Wisconsin - CHK8093@aol.com
Roger(skip)Szczepura, States of Florida ,South Carolina, Georgia - TOPCOP20@aol.com
Sean Ross, State of Hawaii - hawaiipi@lava.net
Ken Lickliter, State of Virginia - Talktoacop@aol.com
Frank Barker, So. Nevada - longwalker@topcops.com
Chuck Stratton, Any where in the U.S. - chuck@topcops.com
Edward Loesche, State of Colorado - eloesche@yahoo.com
Mike Martin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, North/South Dakota, Nebraska & Kansas - m.martin@topcops.com



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