The Literary Corner has been resurrected from the past for you....the reader. The LC is a place where you can submit articles, poetry and or writings. It is open to ANYONE, TopCops members, non members, leo's and civilians.

Many officers seem to enjoy putting their feelings and thoughts to words. These words not only provide a means of expression for the author but an insight for all those who read them. Submit your writings or just read for pleasure.

Please return often and watch The Literary Corner grow.

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The dove of love and peace flys abroad to bring you good tidings, thoughts, talents and the creativity of our members, fellow law enforcers from around the world, friends and supporters.

Below is just one example of the works that you will find in the LC.

"Friends in Blue"

We have worked together for many years, 
It's our voices ringing in your ears. 
We try to make those long days brighter, 
And hopefully, the load a little lighter. 

We send you to the bar-room brawl. 
And out in the rain to the nuisance call. 
We worry about you day and night. 
To make sure every call turns out all right. 

We share your sorrows, we share your joys, 
That's why we think of you as ... "Our boys." 
Then why have we never said to you, 
"I'm proud of you ... my friend in blue."

Esther Corby 
Police Dispatcher - Chester County Department of Emergency Services


Submit your original works or favorite writings to me Deborah Gulley










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