Submitted by TopCops member - Craig Faulstich


Dark Alley, Dark Night
Tall Silhouette, Open Door
Gleam of Silver!
Gun? Knife? Keys?
No Time! Decide Now!
Judge, Jury, Executioner, Decide Now!
Six Blinding Flashes!
Belching Flame!
Wait! Cold Sweat!
Just a Dream, Just a Dream
Calm, Calm
Wake Up
It's Time......
Bring On the Night!

Craig Faulstich
Patrol Officer
Hayward Police Dept.
Hayward, Wisconsin

Submitted by Law Enforcer - Tim Gaddis, COP


Rapist, murderers, child molesters and burglars, and thats just role call.
We spend every day behind a badge. We see inocent people hurt and innocent people killed.
But we do every day without reward.
"Where are you when we need you?"
"Why dont you go after real criminals?"
"You violated my rights."
What about the rights of the little girl that was raped?
What about the rights of the daddy that was killed by a drunk driver?
Never mind that heads up law enforcment has reduced violent crimes.
You may have violated some gang-bangers rights.
Everydayyou leave your home; you kiss your spouse and kids goodbye.
You know in your head it may be goodbye for good.
But you strap on your vest and load your Glock.
Because you are a COP and you love what you do.

Tim Gaddis - COP



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