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TopCops-L is a restricted email discussion list established on January 21, 1998. The list is open to all members of Law Enforcement and related personnel. TopCops-L is owned and operated by "TopCops on the Internet", a non profit organization established Aug. 5, 1995. Because the list is restricted to law enforcement personnel, proof of peace officer status is required upon request to join the list. This information can be provided via a fax to "TopCops on the Internet" at (718) 820-0857 or via a scanned image emailed to (Deborah Gulley) or (Mike Wood) or via postal mail to "TopCops on the Internet" Post Office Box 531, Flushing, New York 11367.

TopCops-L is a forum of respect, professionalism and open interaction with other list members from around the world. Members are afforded an opportunity to communicate with list members privately as well, because each post contains the email and name of the author of each post. A request for membership can be submitted by sending email to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM in the body of the email type "Subscribe TopCops-L" further information will be provided upon receipt of your request by the list owner.

A request for membership can be submitted directly via email list owner at or Upon receiving a request, the list owner replies with a detailed email about how to join the list and what documentation's are required.


Volkmar of Germany

TopCops-L is open to (active and retired) Police officers, peace officers, correction officers, State prosecutors, Court officers, Probation officers, Dispatchers and any other personnel directly related to law enforcement. Any person directly involved with Law Enforcement is welcome to join our list. Our membership currently runs the gamut of Law Enforcement personnel…Police officers, Troopers, K9Officers, Parole Officers, Correction Officers, Probation Officers, Court Officers, Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, dispatchers, Prosecutors (retired and active).

The list is owned by Deborah Gulley of New York. She is a previous peace officer who is now a Parole Revocation Specialist for New York State Division of Parole. A Parole Revocation Specialist is tantamount to a Prosecutor. However, prosecution of cases is limited to parole violations and not felony offenses. Deborah was a parole officer for more than seven years covering the 28th and 32nd. Precincts in Harlem. She was subsequently a senior parole officer for nearly two years in the Absconder Search Unit (Warrant Squad in Manhattan) and has worked for the Division for approximately 14 years.

The list moderator is Mike Wood. Mike is a retired detective in Saskatchewan Canada . Mike is also the publisher of TopCops InterNational NewsMagazine. The backup moderators are Officer J.R Parrow of Scottsdale Police Department k-9 Unit and Steve Otstot of Harrisburg Sheriffs Department.


TopCops-L was created for the purpose of establishing a forum for any and all members of all branches of Law enforcement to share insights, experiences, policies, agency practices, and information with other members of law enforcement from all over the world. In many parts of the world law enforcement practices vary considerable. Police officers and peace officers are not interchangeable in New York, however in Texas peace officers are police officers. Other such differences exist in the area of corrections. In many states correction officers are not peace officers but in New York and other states, they are sworn peace officers.

Everyone is encouraged to share their views and insight with members of the list on various subject matters. The list has proven to be a valuable communication tool and provides a safe and secure forum for members of a related field to gain knowledge and insight about others in the same profession on an International scale.

No views expressed by members of the list are a representation of their respective department or agency. The list is an informal, friendly and respectful forum where all members are afforded an opportunity to express themselves in the privacy and security of other members of the same profession. Personal attacks, offensive communication, racist attacks, demeaning and/or harmful material are NOT allowed to be posted to the list. Offenders risk being banned from the list or forbidden from making future posts to the open forum. Please view a complete listing of the "Rules of List Etiquette" below.

TopCops-L is powered by and they have donated the list to TopCops on the Internet as an organization because of its public service value to the law enforcement community on the Internet.



Copyright ©, 1997, all rights reserved. Duplication of any of these pages in any form without the express permission of the owner is strictly prohibited. 

This Website is dedicated to the Topcops from around the world. #Topcops Website is not now nor has it ever been associated with the TV series "TOPCOPS".

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Rules of List Etiquette

The following are a few basic considerations, which all members are asked to adhere to during their stay on this list. These guidelines have not been thrown together frivolously or without cause. I believe they are necessary for the good of this list.

1. ABSOLUTELY no FLAMING is allowed on this list. Flaming is openly assaulting another member with cussing, name calling, threats and other such attacks. This will NOT be tolerated in open forum. What you do in private email is between you and your ISP, but this is not acceptable on the list.

2. No racist propaganda, jokes or rhetoric are allowed on the list.

3. No overtly sexual or SEXIST material and or rhetoric are allowed.

4. Even though jokes are not off limits, we ask that they be kept to a minimum.

5. Replies to previously posted material should NOT contain the entire first post. Please delete the previously posted material before sending your reply.

6. HTML posts are not an acceptable mode of text. Please use plain text when posting to the list.

7. NO file attachments are to be posted to the list. Please do not send any file attachments to the list even in the form of forwards.

8. Each member is allowed FIVE posts per 24-hour period.

9. Please, at least, TRY to respect the humanity of all members on this list.

10. If in doubt, please ask.

I do not believe that these are unreasonable expectations. I would ask that everyone look at them objectively and please adhere to them.

There will be restrictions placed on members who repeatedly go against ITEMS 1, 2 & 3. The others are resolvable by moderating the posts of members who do not want to bother with cooperating.

First time offenders will be advised or reminded of the fact that a behavior is against list etiquette and asked to refrain from such conduct in the future.

If the SAME behavior continues, this member will be set to NO POST to the list for a period of 7 days. The next offense will get the member set to NO POST for 14 days. A third offense will result in the member being removed from the list for a period of 6 months.