"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers From Around the World"

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T.E.A.R.S - (TopCops Enforcement Agencies Reaching Survivors) 
"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."

This page contains a record of all the cards sent by the
T.E.A.R.S program since it's launch date of Oct. 11, 2000.


 This poem is an original work by a friend

2000: Gone, But Not Forgotten

It is the dawn of a new day,
Which begins a brand new year,
Let us not forget about those we lost,
Who died fighting what most fear.

149 Police Officers,
In the year 2000 lost their lives,
In their wake there are grieving children,
Widowed husbands and widowed wives.

72 died feloniously,
At the hands of evil men,
77 died in accidents,
As they were preparing to defend...

The liberties of the rest of us,
As we seek to be all we can be,
I am humbly reminded,
That freedom is not free.

It is my hope that the year 2001 will be,
A year of fewer Line of Duty deaths,
A year the wind of freedom that we breathe,
Is not the year of an officer's last breath.
Darin L Paul
Copyright ©2001 Darin Paul


 Sent on Oct. 13, 2000

Officer Richard Alexander
Chattanooga Police Department, TN

Officer Christian Trautner
Bavarian State Police, Germany

Officer Bradley Matteson 
Fort Wayne Police Department, IN

Cards sent in March 2001

Patrolman James Naim of Aliquippa, P.D.

Sgt. Dennis Dowden of Shreveport, P.D


April 20, 2001

Patrolman Hector Garza of San Antonio P.D.

Deputy Sheriff Angelic Garcia of Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept.

Sent Nov. 20, 2000

Deputy Matheny 
Craven County Sheriff's Department, NC

Deputy Sheila Pyle
Trinity County Sheriff's Department, TX

Lieutenant John E. Galvin
Wichita Police Department, KS

Sergeant Richard Eric Weinhold
St. Louis County Police Department, MO

Trooper First Class Edward M. Toatley
Maryland State Police, MD

Officer Kilonzo Mwai Masembwa
Prince George's County Police Department, MD

Deputy Lee Wayne Russ
Ward County Sheriff's Department, TX

Deputy Jeffrey Matheny
Craven County Sheriff's Department, NC


 Sent on Oct. 14, 2000

Patrolman William Toney 
Beech Grove Police Department, IN

Officer Daniel MacClary 
Hendersonville Police Department, TN


 Sent Dec. 15, 2000

Police Officer Alan Ragsdale
Hohenwald Police Department, TN

First Card of 2001 sent Jan. 05, 2001

Correction Officer Perez
New York City Dept. of Corrections

Family of Timothy Johnson Sr.

Investigator Sherry Lyons-Williams of Alanta, Police Dept.

Master Patrol Officer Steven J. Underwood of Des Moines P.D.

Police Officer Neil Wells
Detroit Police Department, MI

Deputy Sheriff Loutricia Sowell Bonfanti
Leon County Sheriff's Department, TX

Officer Michael J. Cowdery
Baltimore City Police Department, MD

Officer Terry E. Foster
Independence Police Department, MO

Trooper John Robert Davis
Tennessee Highway Patrol, TN

Sergeant Donald F. Flusche Jr.
Dallas Police Department, TX

Officer Nick Sallenger
Orleans Levee District Police

 September 2001

Police Officer Lois Marrero
Tampa Police Department



 The first get-well card sent by the T.E.A.R.S program was sent to Officer Sam Miller of Columbus Police Department in Ohio on Nov. 6, 2000. Officer Miller is a close friend and fellow officer working with one of our members, Officer Steve Livingston of Columbus, P.D. 

 Officer Sam Miller

Officer Dan Menko of TopCops-L

DeeDee Serpas of TopCops-L

Mr. Serpas

John T. Flynn of New York 

Our own beloved member, Tim Johnson


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"Consoling Families of Fallen Officers from around the World."



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